• Marisol Pesquera

The path of life

At some point in our lives we find our selves uncertain of our future or talent (at least I did). We're basically getting to know our own selves through the path of life.

Before fully believing in my self and trusting my talent, uncertainty and curiosity reigned in me. I lived in Miami and worked in the restaurant business. It wasn't enough for me, I gave it 100 % but perhaps that wasn't perceived by me peers at times because I would get over shadowed by my day dreamer / fantasizer personality.

My mind was elsewhere, I wanted to travel and I wanted my creativity to grow. Along that time of my life I met Danielle Bigby, we both were uncertain of our future. She saw me get fed up with my current lifestyle at the time and she saw me leave everything behind for new experiences. In the blink of an eye I decided that I was moving to México city for a few months.

After traveling and changing my lifestyle drastically, a new horizon was on the way. I started documenting my trips around Mexico and I started enjoying photography more and more. Slowly but surely getting to know my vision and style (I haven't stopped doing that since).

Along the way I met my current partner, he has the biggest love for bodyboarding. His love for that sport and my new love for traveling \ photography brought us together, 2 months after meeting each other we embarked on a 2 month trip to Indonesia. During that trip I pushed my limits and ventured to an area that I had never before experienced. I found my self filming my new love interest doing what he loves. I was filming surfing/bodyboarding, a new way for me to communicate my vision. Who knew I could do such a thing, it never really crossed my mind and that opened many doors for me later on.

Danielle was my first client so to speak, She believed in me and payed for my amateur photographic services. Danielle gave a chance to photograph her with my amateur Canon T3i and a $50 lens. It was much appreciated because it gave me strength and faith. I was so happy that my first client was a friend that believed in me and that our visions at that moment were on the same page. We've both have grown so much since then. This was the beginning of a new path. The more photos I did of her the more it felt like it that was my calling but I had 2 issues at the moment.

1) Long distance relationships is not my thing.

2) I hated my name and last name as far as branding goes so I felt my photography didn't have an identity.

Thanks to the long distance situation and wanting to go back to PR to be with my bf, this prompted me to have a serious conversation with my partner where I basically had to chose between waitressing in Miami (easy money) or coming back to PR to venture the freelance world because I was NOT coming back to PR to repeat the same pattern. The love for my relationship made me come back to the island but with the urge of pursuing a new career.

My boyfriend supported me 100% and that made such a big difference, it gave me confidence. Just like Danielle and my best friend Amanda (she'll get her own blog post :)) , PJ believed in me. He told me not to worry and that we would survive whatever came our way and just like that Raw Studio and Lucky You Weddings came to life.

My photography describes me very well, I like a bit of everything and it shows. That's why I have 2 comercial names. I'm a bit of everything.

I'm the type of person that gets inspired by others, everything happened when it had to happen. Work and inspiration came to me because I was ready for it and everybody around me (the ones that matter) believed in my talent.

I thank life for putting me through a path with so many amazing people, I've grown, my first photos from a few years ago will never be like the ones I currently take. Everything is forever changing, always learning and growing.

Thanks to everybody that at some point hired me because they believed in me.

Cheers to everybody that supports their family, friends and partners. With out love and admiration towards each other we're nothing.


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