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If you read my post "The path of life" you know I spoke about some key people in my personal and professional life. Well this post is about my best friend AMANDA, her dedication and drive.

(When I do photos, I work under 2 names... Lucky You Weddings and Raw Studio Photo.

This was shot for Raw Studio.)

For me is really important to give credit where credit is due. I remember when I met Amanda through a friend, we were at her home office and I said to my self: "wow she's living the life, freelancing in Miami and living in South Beach". From that moment on I admired her, I actually was intimidated because I only did photography as a hobby and I was still developing my own style. I honestly didn't see my self being a freelance photographer AT ALL. That was that, we didn't really connect but life brought us together for a 2nd time and from then on we became very good friends. We even lived like a block away, I would always visit Amanda and her husband after my waitressing shifts and stay up till very late watching tv series. They became my chosen family in Miami and I'm so grateful for those moments.

(Amanda, Jonathan and baby Shiloh soon to be born)

Whenever Amanda needed an assistant and I had the availability I would work for her. I remember assisting Amanda at a Free People shoot in Little Havana, I enjoyed that moment so much. I learned so much from her and the beauty of it was that she was always willing to help if I had any questions. She never hesitated on sharing creative info with me, I thank life for making me be friends with her and her family. She's one of the best things that Miami ever gave me!

Seeing her traveling constantly for her destination weddings around the world showed me not to be scared and to believe in your self. Amanda has always been a positive soul, this girl DOESN"T stop,

4 months ago she gave birth to beautiful baby Shiloh and this past weekend she shot a 12 hour wedding in Ohio. I admire her dedication so much! For me she's one of many wonder women out there. The best compliment she could ever give me was that she asked me to do her maternity portraits, it was an HONOR to photograph her during her pregnancy.

I think I even cried that day. I'm glad I'm surrounded by strong and hard working women, thanks to them I learn new things every day. I didn't pursue this career earlier because I wasn't ready for it. Everything happened how it had to, everybody in my life had a role and I had to wait for certain life lessons. Patience is a virtue and you definitely have to believe in your self. There is no room for insecurities .

Cheers for inspirational beings and hard working women that are willing to share their passion with you, they all need recognition!

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