P + C (Condado)

How to start? This couple is one of a kind, some people get married for the party and others get married because of love, this was LOVE. Christian and Paola are definitely a unique couple, like I said one of a kind. Paola was so delicate and perfect while Christian is a Romeo with an edge and both together create balance and harmony. I truly wish them the best of the best! Congratulations!


Wedding Planner - Boda Pao-Pei

Flowers- Juan Jose Robledo

Location- Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

Photographer- Marisol Pesquera

Assistant/ 2nd Shooter - Studio 262

#VanderbiltHotel #Condado #MarisolPesquera #PuertoRicoWeddingPhotographer #SanJuanWeddingPhotographer #PuertoRicoDestinationWeddingPhotographer #WeddingPhotographer #LuckyYouWeddings

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