Perla Restaurant at La Concha San Juan Resort Wedding

For Jean Paul and Melissa's wedding we started with the groom's getting ready at La Concha San Juan Resort. Jean Paul was very relaxed and laid back about his getting ready, we decided to document what was actually going on at time instead of making pretend a traditional getting ready session.

Jean Paul's gettin ready consisted of a few beers, cheese, crackers and even maybe a shot ;) while conversing with his father, sister and best man. I really liked documenting this specific moment because it can't get more real this, I did not add any additional lighting besides the one that was naturally provided by the room we were at.

For Melissa's gettin ready session I decided to take advantage of her room's window light which was pretty bright (just how I like it) which I think went perfect with her beautiful dress, shoes and everything else that was going on at the moment.

Jean Paul and Melissa photo gallery has sooo many moments to choose from, I wish I could share all of them but scroll down to the end if you want to see a few more photos not included in this blog post!


Decor: Stem Events by Anabelle

Wedding Planner: Anne Marie Klein

Church: Stella Maris

Hotel for getting ready: La Concha San Juan Resort

Repcetion: Perla Restaurant at La Concha San Juan Resort

Main Photographer: Marisol Pesquera from Lucky You Weddings

Assistant Photographer & 2nd Shooter: Joshua Cruz

If you'd like to see more captures please CLICK HERE!

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