Tip: How to maximize your "getting ready" photo session during your wedding day.

“Getting Ready” Tip: Want to make the most out of your photography package?

If you’d like to have a “getting ready”, it’s highly recommended that everybody’s hair and make-up is ready upon photographer’s arrival specially if you have bridesmaids getting ready in your room and you’ve only assigned yourself 1 hour session in your room. Keep in mind that if detailed shots of accessories were requested you will have even less time throughout that hour.

I recommend at 2 hours pre-ceremony for a bride that would like to have complete coverage without being in a hurry, for me complete pre-ceremony coverage means: details, MUA putting make-up on bride, bathrobe/pajama photos, bridals and photos with bridesmaids in gowns. (Scroll down for more).

Large groups of people in small hotel rooms tend to delay things, your wedding day is not a decision making day in regards to what jewelry to wear, how to put on a bow tie, writing your vows in a hurry etc... On your wedding day you shouldn’t be worrying about a caterer being late or transportation, get a wedding Planner they are so worth it. Trust me!

Something you could do if you wish for a more relax “getting ready” is to tell your wedding party to arrive at your room (all glammed up) upon photographer’s arrival if you have a short photo session pre-ceremony, all they have to do is change to their pajamas (if such photos are requested) meanwhile photographer documents requested detail shots.

By now it’s been many times when brides run short on time for bridal portraits in their room.

The main reason for this is the famous bath robe/ pajama group photo, usually somebody is not ready and by waiting we take away time from bridal photos.

Keep in mind timeline will go on because you have scheduled ceremony at a church or you have a time cap at your venue.

The show will always go on, so if you really care about seeing plenty of photos of yourself in your beautiful dress pre-ceremony instead of a bath robe be ready on time, remember this is when your make-up and hair will be the most fresh and on point specially if you have an outdoor wedding during a windy or hot day.

Yes, you’ll see your self in your dress throughout the day but you’ll be next to your partner and so many more family and friends which will be a different atmosphere. You'll never be able to recreate those pre-wedding jitters while getting ready with friends and family,

I just love that “girly time” when Bridesmaids/bride are completely dressed in their gorgeous gowns, make-up and hair is super fresh (no sweating etc) and on point.

In the end client does whatever makes them happy but it’s part of my job to communicate this sort of thing and make the best out your photography package.

As part of your planning process be sure what type of bride you'll be, if you are very detail driven and want it ALL for pre-ceremony schedule your timeline adequately.


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