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A wedding is composed by several services, from venues to catering and tux rentals... Yet many of these  are temporary.

Did you know photographers are one of the very few vendors that will provide memories that last a lifetime?

Lucky You Weddings specializes in providing candid timeless images that will make you re-live every moment of your wedding day.


Our goal is to provide a professional and fun experience before and during your wedding day alongside candid moments and quality images that you will cherish forever. We're  always on the look out for special memories for us to document and for you to re-live later on.


From no posing to assisted posing with some directions WE GOT YOU! Our style is on the brighter and airy  side, if by any chance we think we're not the right match for you we'll let you know.


The most important aspect of all of this process (for us) is for you to have a perfect photographer match for your needs as a client.

Scroll down for pricing!


We've carefully crafted a variety of packages to suit your needs from elopements, half and full days but if by any chance you desire a customized package please let us know.

Elopements start at $500 - $750 

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