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Testimonials? YAY, we got them!


"I knew instantly that Marisol would be the photographer for our wedding, working with Marisol was an absolute breeze. She was literally my stress reliever throughout the wedding.

She is extremely responsive, responsible, reasonable and Extremely punctual. Marisol answered all of my questions,

ran through details days prior to the wedding... "

- Rose

"Marisol was honestly our favorite vendor of our entire wedding experience. Her photos are beautiful works of art, she really knows how to work the lighting and capture emotion. Both our engagement shoot and our wedding photos really show how we felt at that moment. Marisol is also very personable and made us and our guests feel super comfortable. She's easy to communicate with, in Spanish and English, always responded quickly when we texted her ideas or asked for advice..."


Marisol Pesquera Wedding  Photographer


Greetings, I am Marisol Pesquera, the founder of Lucky You Weddings. Over time, my adoration for weddings has blossomed and evolved, leading me to become renowned for destination wedding photography, among other photographic styles. My journeys have taken me from the enchanting shores of Puerto Rico to the historic charm of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, as well as the mesmerizing landscapes of Morocco and beyond.

Home is truly where the camera is, and my heart lies in every captured moment. 💖

Lucky You Weddings has been featured in prestigious publications such as People, HELLO!, The Daily Mail, and Carats & Cake. Beyond wedding photography, I am celebrated for my architectural and interior photography, experimental portraiture, travel, and food & beverage visuals. I invite you to visit Lucky You Weddings' portfolio to explore more of our captivating work.

With a sophisticated touch and a passion for encapsulating life's most precious moments, I am here to make your memories last a lifetime.

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