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Vieques Beach Wedding

A Vieques beach wedding is certainly a dream come true !

My first Vieques wedding, what a beautiful experience.

This island has so much to offer <3, I cannot wait to go back (with time for tourism).

I have to say villa weddings are so much fun, cozy and personal.

Bride got ready at the same villa so it was easy to maximize time at the venue.

Weather was perfect (it didn't rain, YAY!) and Puerto Rico sun was full throttle ( as bright as it can be).

My 2nd shooter and I got to stay at this beautiful and cozy AirBNB called Casa de Amistad (we highly recommend it).

Our transportation of choice was an airplane instead of the ferry, for now I suggest you do the same

because unfortunately our government cares very little for our brothers and sisters in Vieques therefore transportation via ferry is not reliable or professional (customer service wise), I don't want to be Debby Downer but I have to be honest in case you're planning a wedding in Vieques.

Taxi drivers are extremely nice and all rides should cost around $10 to $15.

Be sure to travel light if traveling by plane, we had a small hiccup at the airport coming back to the mainland due to the weight of our photography equipment and airline changing planes last minute ( they were asking me to leave my equipment BEHIND :O ) but airline was able to work it out.

Vieques has a beautiful bioluminescent bay and it's as bright as it can be, I highly suggest you check it out!

If you're into laidback beach weddings, this island has a lot to offer.

Here's some of my favorite images and if you'd like to see even more photos just click on the following link ---> MORE PHOTOS!


Wedding Planner: AMK Events (Anne Marie Kleis)

Decor: Glow Events

2nd Shooter: Maydeline Ines Photography

MUA: Linda Arcay


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