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Bridal portraits in Villa De Zecheo

Wedding photography services should be about professional storytelling and extra!

Tight timelines can constrain a photographers creative workflow, I mean we'll never stop documenting as a professional photographer but if we can get extra time time in our hands we'll get even more creative.

For Jackie and William's destination wedding in Villa De Zecheo we were able to document a bridal portrait session for Jackie since we felt really comfortable with their timeline, they had a 6 hour package but all stages of the wedding were happening at 1 location (Villa De Zecheo in Rincón) and that was AWESOME!

As a creative person for me is super important to have time to create a bit more of what's expected. tExtra time helps my creative mind to flow.

I've decided to make a blog post specifically for this bridal portrait session. which I'm really excited about <3.

Wedding planner and decor: @CreatingWeddings (IG)

MUA: Lizzie Ibarra

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