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Casa Blanca Museum | Isabel & Kristina

When it comes to weddings, there are a million different things that can make them special. But for us, the most important thing is to feel like you’re surrounded by friends and family—that your guests feel like they’re at a party where everyone just gets along. That’s what makes us happy! And so when we got an invite from Isabelle and Kristina for their wedding celebration at Museo Casa Blanca in Old San Juan, we knew it was going to be something special.

Isabelle and Kristina are a beautiful couple who decided to celebrate their love surrounded by their closest friends and family in Old San Juan. We were lucky enough to be there to capture it all, Here’s what their wedding looked like:

  • Gettin ready session

  • 1st Look

  • Family portraits

  • Western ceremony at Museo Casa Blanca

  • Chinese Tea Ceremony

  • An intimate reception at Casa Blanca Restaurant.

As I often tell our clients, the most important thing about a wedding is that it be a celebration. This means that the wedding itself shouldn't feel like work—it should feel like play. Couple's should be able to relax and enjoy...

Planning? Leave it to a professional and have fun!

There are so many things to consider when planning a big party: music, lighting, food and drink options as well as how you want to serve each of those elements; how will people get around your venue? Do you want them walking through your space or do you want them in cars or buses? What’s the flow of guests throughout the day and evening?

Thankfully their wedding planner Alexandra Rodriguez had all of it covered!

We had such a wonderful time photographing Isabelle and Kristina's wedding at Museo Casa Blanca! It was a beautiful day full of laughter, love, and joy. The couple looked stunning in their outfits, which were both unique and classic. Their ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt; we loved watching them exchange vows with each other.

The reception was fun for everyone: guests danced the night away to great music played by "the planeros".

We couldn't have asked for better weather at this venue either--museums tend not to be known for being outdoorsy places but luckily this one has plenty of lovely landscaped areas where everyone could relax while still having plenty space around them .

The best weddings are the ones where you could feel the joy radiating from every corner of the room. This was one of those weddings, and it was contagious!

I think these photos give a pretty good idea of how special this day was for everyone involved:


*Hair by: ND Beauty @_nikoledenisse *Make up artist: ND Beauty @_nikoledenisse *Decor by: Juan Jose Robledo @juanjose_robledo *Flowers by: Juan Jose Robledo @juanjose_robledo *DJ: DJ Teg @dj_teg_entertainment *Live music by: Pura Plena @puraplena *Wedding planner: Alexandra Rodriguez @Alexandra_rdgz *Cake by: Boom’s Cakes @boomscakes *Catering by: Food Paradise @Foodparadisecs Video by: Chris Shu @shoooby82 *Dress by: Isabel’s dress - BHLDN Kristina’s dress - Pronovias Both qipao dresses - Brocade Apparel


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