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Los Jardines Del Castillo Wedding

Karla and Jose's celebration took place at Los Jardines Del Castillo in Trujillo Alto.

I'm in love with the fact that we're starting to get those fall-colored florals <3 .

Karla rocked her bridal look with a darker shade of lipstick and bangs which sets her apart

of the traditional bridal makeup/look.

José rocked a grey vest with fall-colored tie.

With Ana Maria's (Wonderlandpr) they were able to be on time in regards to their timeline which is always great.

Wonderlandpr can help you out with planning and officiant services.

Karla and José's reception was very fun and it was noticeable that they had curated their wedding playlist.

Check out some of my favorite captures!

Decor: Nat Liriano

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